I 'd like to take the time to thank my sponsors for helping me the in the many ways that they have.These Comapnies help me with products,information,and resoursces that I enjoy passing on to fellow helicopter pilots.I fully endorse and promote theyre products because they work,I believe in them,have used them,and use them with complete confidence.

The people that own and or run these companies are fantastic,They put all they can into what they do and I do all I can for them as well as pilots who have questions,concerns,or issues with anything they sell.


       Jeff Green is the senior product coordinator for MRC/ALTECH in Edison NJ.Jeff brought me on to Hirobo to work extensively with Gas R/C Helicopters,such as the Eagle GS.For the previous 3 years I had flown nothing but Gassers,and was interested in the Eagle,Jeff asked me If I'd work with it for starters.I really loved the fact that Hirobo Heli's didnt need a ton of upgrades,and if a issue came up,someone would listen.The Gasser was built well,flew well, and I was sold on the Line.

I love the Hirobo line of helis,they fly great,they dont need major upgrades,and the customer service is second to none.When I first met Todd Bennett I saw how much the Eagles could handle,how well they stayed together,and appreciated the overall design and performance of the machines.I was sold on them instantly.Jeff G puts all hes got into promoting the hobby as well as his brand,and I appreciate someone who does that.Quality,Support,Customer Satisfaction,are a few of the things that go into Hirobo Helicopters,I'm glad to be part of the team that makes them better and better.......

MORGAN FUELS          

Your engines deserve the best.Morgan has the best fuel for RC Models period.I use CP 14 in the Gassers,weedeater,leafblower,goped,and chainsaw.Cool Power30 in all the glow helis.The folks at Morgan Fuels take a lot of pride in theyre fuels,and it shows everywhere.Tear down a engine and youll see the difference.Its the best  fuels and oil I have found after trying many others.Morgan Fuels uses ANGUS Nitro,made in the US,as well as the other ingredients,NO CHINESE Components in Morgan Fuels.Go to Morgans website to see why theyre fuel is superior to all the rest.The folks at Morgan are fantastic and are always available and are a wealth of information on fuels and theyre applications.Morgan Fuels also contributes fuel to many events,and is a prime example of what good support is all about.


The Best Blades money can buy with a unconditional guarantee.The list of VBlade users grows and grows because they work,and they work well.The Japanese teams at the worlds were impressed with the performance of VBlades,and it showed,even at the NATS 3D,Curtis Youngblood flew VBlades to the world championship,and to 1st place at the NATS.Contest work,sport flying VBlades cover it all.Vic Campbell takes a lot of pride in everything he does,I mean everything,If it isnt right,Vic doesnt send it out.The blades are balanced perfect,you can get choice of weights,root sizes,chords etc.Theyre made here in the USA,and always will be.Vic and Sherry run VBlades,and Dave Storey runs the shop,an incredible team if you ask me,and theyre all good folks! Bolt on a set of VBlades and really feel the difference.The VBlades gang attends tons of events,and always have answers for questions concerning blades and such,and also contribute to the hobby immensely.Building wood blades used to really take up a lot of time,and there was no margin for error,a very detailed process.Bolt on VBlades and go!

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