There are many different views and opinions when it comes to setting up Gasser's.   All the information I am providing here is based on things I have been taught, setups I have tried, and things that work well  for me. Utilizing these tips the machine will fly smooth and consistently, you'll get good performance, long engine life due to proper lubrication, and low running temperatures, and get the most out of your gas heli.

Gas heli engines need good proper lubrication due to higher operating temperatures than theyre glow counterparts.The best performance I have obtained was done by using 100%synthetic oil (Morgan CP 14), mixed with Amoco 93 octane gas, at a ratio of  32 to 1 period. I get no carbon build up, smooth runs, easy starts, and low engine wear along with low running temperatures.I will break in a new engine at 5 oz to a gallon for the first gallon.

Why 100% synthetic? 100% Synthetic has no mineral additives in it, and can handle higher temperatures than using anything with castor oil / mineral oil mixtures.

 Remember Gas Helis run hotter than Gas airplane engines because they rev higher and don't  have free open air to flow over the engine like a plane does to keep the engine cool. Using  oil with castor,or an off brand blend oil will have you dissassembling an engine after running a gallon of fuel thru it due to carbon build up and ring seizure.Theres nothing worse than having to spend time cleaning rock hard carbon out of a cylinder,off the top of a piston, and getting a frozen ring off of a piston.

Run 100% synthetic 2 stroke oil  at 32 to 1 and you will have no problems. Do not use oil designed for watercraft or water cooled engines,that oil is designed to work at 180 degrees,rc gas helis can run up to 300 degrees when being worked hard.Do Not use Mobil 1(its for crankcase lube on cars). ONLY WITH 100% Synthetic 2 stroke oil will you get the best results.

 Most engines that go back for service or get burned up usually do so for lack of lubrication or use of the wrong lubricant.I use only Morgan "Cool Power 14" available at hobby shops.I have tried other brands and have always gone back to CP 14.


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