There's tons of FREYA information out there, good down n dirty  FREYA setup tips. The machine is not difficult to build, and is easy to set up, in addition to having a low parts count and inexpensive parts" to boot"

I got this mod idea from Vic Campbell, If your Collective Servo tends to move up n down, add a JR Servo support. I clipped the long part of the bracket, and secured the standoff by drilling 2 small holes in the frame, mounting the modified bracket, and adjusted the link. Works great, very simple.

Pilot Friendly Tips

Losing 1 way bearings? probably landed hard 1 day, or ya forgot to check it after a crash Hirobo part # HIR008 will help out, Its an aluminum center hub, it will lessen your chance of losing a 1way brng by giving better support to the wall of the bearing by not allowing it to expand. Either way check the bearing out  after a really hard landing or after any action in which the blades come to an abrupt stop, look for cracks in the housing or rollers that have popped out of the cage inside the bearing............

Make sure the X arms are installed with the fat end of the arm to the top of the machine, and the swash timing is correct

Use Loctite excessively

After every flight tighten all fasteners, usually after 3 or 4 flights you will have em all snugged up.

Belt tension OK

 The belt should be tight enough as to where when you check it between the frames of the machine, behind the front pulley, you shouldn't be able to make the belt touch the other side of the belt. Usually if you can go halfway between the 2 sides of the belt its very close (using a small tool)........