In Alpahabetical order

Altech  Marketing   is the US Distributor for Hirobo Helicopters.

Bruce Hanson   Bruce Hanson blueprints and builds Zenoah RC Heli and Marine Engines, he knows his stuff, the work is excellent. If you never had one of his engines, and fly gas helis, you don't know what your missing!

Curtis Youngblood    Curtis Y's Site, Muscle Pipe Info, product news, list of events, whats new  and more. Curtis is a good friend and  awesome pilot, and enjoys helping everyone out. Curtis's knowledge has helped me grow in leaps and bounds!

DR.Hirobo  This site is owned by Jeff Green, it contains good information on setups and tips, very good if you want to get some ballpark ideas on radio settings

Helibufs Site  Doug "Helibuf" is a rep for M/A and has a wealth of good true info on his site,hes one of the pioneers in internet r/c heli info.

IRCHA  International Radio Controlled Helicopter Association If you go to events,and want a  free program to help improve your flying skills got to IRCHA'S site and see what its all about.

Heliproz    Big Net RC Heli Shop in Billings Montana,Good prices good service,everyone there flies and speaks helicopters

HIROBO JAPAN        Hirobo Japan Website,its all there.

Jason Chan  I met Jason this year at the worlds and he's a helluva guy,he is always up to date on whats new and going on in the far east in RC Helis.He has tons of information on Hirobo helis,so much that I'd rather send you to his site because his information is good,very good

K and S of Japan  K/S makes hi quality upgrades for most helis, top of the line stuff

MORGAN FUELS      Worlds Best Model Fuel Period.I use CP 14 Oil in my gas Helis and everything else 2 stroke in my house,Cool Power 30 in all the glow helis.They're products are number 1,and I'm proud to be one of theyre sponsored pilots.

PERRY PUMPS  The folks at Perry pumps make fuel and smoke pumps for RC applications,Nitro,Diesel and Gas.Theyre super friendly and knowlegeable,they sell pumps,check valves,and 1/4 scale 427 Chevy Engines(as seen on TOOL TIME),The blue one works on a OS91

Pilot Locator  Find a RC Heli Pilot Near You!, run by CJ this site does exactly what the name says. Need help? Someone to fly with? or find out who's flying what, where.

Todd Bennets Site  Todd is a good friend and has helped my flying tremendously.Todd owns Miniature Aircraft West, and the Freestyle3D RC Heli school. Todd has a wealth of information and enjoys helping others!

VBlades  The best Blades you can buy or your money back!  Vic and Sherry and the crew produce the best  Carbon Blades availablein the world.Go to theyre site and check it out.Theyre good people,They stand behind the product,and I'm proud to be one of theyre sponsored pilots

Ricks  Ron Lund runs Ricks,hes been a good friend,does good business and is a icon in this hobby that we all respect.The folks at Ricks will bust theyre ass for you too!


R/C Forums:  

Theres a few good ones, join one and have fun!,buy sell swap or join a discussion!,

  • Outlaw Heli The name fits,humorous experienced pilots site,wide open format,good for slap fights, flame wars,and good practical information from experience without guesswork.If you fly r/c helis and have a good sense of humor join in the fun!
  • RC Online   The original ! Has everything,dont let the popups scare you,servers arent cheap.......
  • RC  This is a full blown website with tons of links and information dont miss it!
  • RunRyder    Mark Ryder built this all r/c heli site that has some very nice features!
  • RC Showroom  Helis and planes another nice forum for R/C Aircraft
  • Rotory  The folks of Rotory magazine put this site up.Discussion and a mini chat area.
  • Pirch98  You need this program to get into RCHeli chat, go  to the site and download it for free,dont take anything in RC HELI Chat seriously.Once you get Pirch going and you get into a chat room type in this:  /join #rcheli and youre there!,dont forget the backslash!

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